Sunday, February 23, 2014

Common Methods of Carpet Cleaning for Waltham & Wellesley Homeowners

 Steam cleaning

By far, steam cleaning is the most common method. The carpet-cleaning machine injects hot water into the carpet at high pressure to loosen the dirt. Eventually, the machine draws out the dirt and moisture. While the method entails a lot of drying time, it is effective against dust mites and odors.

Carpet dry cleaning

Despite its name, carpet dry cleaning uses minimal liquid or absorbent compound that is sprinkled on the carpet. A mechanized brush works the liquid compound through the carpet to dissolve soil and residue, which a vacuum later sucks out. The carpet dries quicker using this method compared to others.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Three Questions You Can Ask a Carpet Cleaner in Worcester or Needham

 Do you use certified cleaning solutions and equipment?

Cleaning professionals have an array of solutions and equipment, some of which bear certifications from certain industry organizations. Ask the cleaner if they use certified solutions proven to effectively clean the carpet. Optionally, find out if they have a certification for using that solution.

Do you vacuum before deep cleaning the carpet?

That question is probably the most important one you should ask your cleaner. Generally, professional cleaners should vacuum the carpet before they give it a deep clean. How they respond to your question about vacuuming before deep cleaning should tell you about them.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Carpet Cleaning in Waltham: Your Pets Don't Have to be Off-Limits

There’s no need for extreme measures, however, and homeowners would be glad to know that they don’t have to get rid of either their pets or carpets just to do away with these dander problems. Here are some useful tips, therefore, that could help you maintain a healthy and happy carpeted home, both for your family and your beloved pets.

Choose wall-to-wall: This may seem a tad expensive, but according to experts in carpet cleaning in Waltham, this type of carpeting is best for trapping the allergens. It’s fairly easy to maintain, too, for as long as you make it a point to regularly clean and vacuum it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Your Local Carpet Cleaner Will Turn Green in 2014, If Not Already

Professional cleaning companies would do well to pay attention to this new shift in consumer market attitudes as it obviously – and inevitably – will affect the success of their business. From home builders to laundry shops, small- and medium-sized business, such as the carpet cleaner in Worcester, to the carpet cleaner in Newton, all are paying attention to what their clients expect of them. In response, the players in the professional cleaning industry are changing up their products, going for the greener choices in cleaning chemicals and using machines that leave less environmental footprints.

With these developments, 2014 just could be the year that sees a major boost in the professional cleaning industry, and brightly marked with the color green.