Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Professional Carpet Cleaner in Worcester Will Protect Your Rugs

 Carpets need to be taken care of delicately in order to preserve their useful life as well as their aesthetics. The wrong cleaning products can ruin carpets prematurely, as Ms. Weber warns in her article. Homeowners that need to have their rugs cleaned the right way should entrust the job to an expert carpet cleaner in Worcester or Newton who uses mild cleaning agents, such as Colonial Chem-Dry.

Vacuum cleaners can only do so much in cleaning rugs; there are some deep-seated stains that require thorough washing to remove. However, certain strong detergents can ruin the dyes of fragile antique rugs; and, as Ms. Weber points out, can even attract more dirt. Homeowners should therefore leave the washing in the hands of experienced cleaners with safe cleaning methods.

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